Hello. This is the official website for Dark Chao Adventures. ...well, not official like papers and documents, but it was created by the writer of the thing so that'll have to do. Here you'll find not just the latest scripts of the show, but character biographies, memorials, fan art, as well as any other odd information I feel you gotta know about. You'll also find downloadable versions of most of the scripts (usually with lots of bonus things and extras) all inside the "shop" of the website. Don't worry, it's all free. So step inside or just pass on through to some other site; it's your choice. Either way, you probably won't be disappointed.

I will always love Invader mLe's art.

A comedy script series by DJay32

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PS: Dark Chao Adventures is back, baby. It's freaking back. Come on in, Episode 89's waiting for you.